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What is the thread count of Miracle Made® Sheets?

The most recent generations of Miracle Made® Sheets are made with 300-thread-count fabrics to help give a premium and silky-soft feeling. Beware! Many brands selling sheets claiming a 1,000+ thread count are bending the truth and simply cutting the t

What are Miracle Made® Sheets made of?

Miracle Made® Sheets are made from our innovative Miracle Clean & Cool™ fabrics which are NASA-inspired and silver-infused. Generation 1 of the product is made from premium long-staple cotton. Generation 2 of the product is made from a new, improved,

Where do get your fabrics?

Our products are designed with love in the USA 💌 and manufactured in a few different locations. As of 2023, our bedding is made in India and our towels are made in Pakistan. We ship them from within the US, domestic, and internationally! Our bedding

What is the difference between a regular bath towel vs your silver infused bath towel?

Your average towel is compromised with bacteria and mold even after its first use. Our silver-infused technology helps prevent up to 99.7% of bacteria growth, helping keep your towel cleaner for longer. Stop wiping your face and body with bacteria-co

What tests have you done to ensure your towel is effective in eliminating bacteria?

We hired an independent agency whose mission is to test the transmission of infections in the products they serve. The scientists in this agency have over 20 years of academic research experience and have worked on numerous research initiatives inclu

Do the sheets have deep pockets?

Our sheets are designed to fit mattresses up to 18 inches deep

Do your sheets contain chemicals?

All Miracle sheets and towels are OEKO-Tek certified which means they are free from any harmful chemicals and will be gentle on your skin.

Is there elastic all the way around the fitted sheet?

Yes! Our fitted sheets come with a stretchy band that goes underneath the mattress ensuring a snug fit on all types of beds.

Do your sheets have a tag identifying the long and short ends?

Our sheets have two labels showing the short and long side so you won’t need to waste any time measuring.

Do your sheets attract pet hair?

We love our pets on the bed! Our sheets are silky which means that they will resist lint as well as dog hair so all you have to do is shake them off!

How are Miracle Made® Sheets Self-Cleaning?

Miracle Made® Sheets are made with our innovative and NASA-inspired Miracle Clean & Cool™ fabrics with are infused with a small amount of silver treatment to help prevent up to 99.9% of bacteria growth. Silver ions possess a positive charge and conne

How’s it do with pilling? Is it made from single stand fabric?

Don’t worry, we've got you covered. Our products are tested to prevent any pilling and the fabric is made with single pick high-quality cotton so you're guaranteed to have sheets that can hold up well to repeated laundering. Our sheets are made of hi

Are your sheets sustainably made? How are they for the environment?

We value sustainably and take steps to be a more sustainable company. For example, the cotton used in some of our fabrics is ethically and sustainably sourced and our detergent product is made from biodegradable packaging. When possible, we also work