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What tests have you done to ensure your towel is effective in eliminating bacteria?Updated 16 days ago

We hired an independent agency that is located in Maryland whose mission is to reduce the transmission of infections in the communities they serve. The doctors in this agency have over 20 years of academic research experience and have worked on numerous research initiatives including the use of antimicrobial surfaces in healthcare environments. The lab tests products that reduce pathogens on environmental surfaces including soft linen goods. We tested multiple towels with and without silver woven technology and noticed that all towels without our unique silver technology reduced bacteria by 0%. All towels with our unique silver technology reduced bacteria by 99.998%.

We also ran multiple independent tests where our towels were subjected to repeated wash cycles. Our towels were removed at 25, 50, 75 and 100 wash intervals to see if the antibacterial system was washed away in any of these instances. The results revealed that the towels remained 99.9% effective even after 100 washes. So your towel will always be as effective for the lifetime of the product.

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